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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Till salu

Frakt tillkommer!

Massor med booties från dogbooties, 330 demin cordura, strech kardborrband, storlek M och L: 10:- SEK
ManMan tunna decken storlek S: 200:- SEK per stk.
 Dog treat bag (godisbag): 50:- SEK per stk.
Yeti dunjacka storlek XXL använd en gång : 900:- SEK
 Merhi selar: 150:- SEK per stk
 Pulka selar: 150:- SEK per stk
 Hund t-Shirt storlek L: 150:- SEK

Tang för att pressa stållina osv.: 1000:- SEK

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

After a beautyful maj with temperatures up to 28 degrees (really PLUS) the "normal" summer came now to us. Temperatures round about 10-15 degrees and rain :( But anyway it was a nice time and there is still hope that the summer will return...

From the 17.06.2013 our normal webside will be closed. I have a lot of problems with the server and cannot come onto it anymore :( But the blog will still exist so we are not "out of reach" ;)

Samstag, 18. Mai 2013


Today I did some springcleaning in the kennel. The weather is great, sunshine and plus 23 degrees!!! The dogs are laying lazy in the shadow and we all enjoy the time without any mosquitos :))) But I can be sure, they will come soon...

 Taking out all straw from the huts and infront of them
 Sivtsov and Felice thought that they will not have two small huts, removed the wall between the huts and have now on big hut...Not that what we decided for them...
 Everybody wants to help ;)
Done :))) You can see the gras is still brown, but the lake is open and the leaves starts coming at the trees.

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Springtime, Puppytime?

Not at our kennel :(((( I´m waiting and looking every day, but the girls don´t come in heat :(((( Hope really that one of the girls will come in heat soon, that we get at least one litter this summer.
Otherwise the winter is gone. Ok, snow is left and today it´s snowing. The highest temperature during the day are round about 5 degrees - but at least plus ;))) Yesterday I was out with ski for the last time, the lake is of course still frozen but it´s all very icy and slippery. The dogs are playing around and are happy about so much sparetime :)

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Montag, 18. März 2013

Finnmarkslopet 2013

Now the Finnmarkslopet 2013 is history. It went very well for us and ended up with a third place. We are very happy and satisfied with this result :)))
After mushermeeting, bankets and more we started finally out from Alta at saturday. I´m always happy when I stand at the startingline, this time with Didi and Fränk in lead. It´s always unbelieveable how many people come to the start to send us dogdrivers out of the city. On the river a lot of teams pasted us but I´m not worry about it. Most teams I will catch afterwords in the mountains. The way to Joatka went well, we passed most of the teams. About 15 km after Joatka I passed Elisabeth Edland and then I was alone in the mountains. The weather was fine, the trail was soft and deep. But it´s the same for all of us. Then suddenly and out of nowhere I stand in a snowstorm. I couldn´t see the markers anymore and the dogs start going with the wind. I tourned on my headlamp even if it was daylight. So I hoped to see at least the reflex at the markers. And so I could come from marker to marker. The last kilometers into Skoganvarre were easier, we came out of the storm and found the way.
Normally I stay about 4 hours in Skoganvarre. This time I was a bit concerned about the wind up in the mountains, and the 88 km from Skoganvarre to Levajok go nearly all the time in the mountains. So Jörg and I decided to stay 5 hours in Skoganvarre and wait until the first open teams went out of the checkpoint. And it was perfect timing, I had our dogs ready directly after an open team went out. It was Mats Pettersson and I drove all the way behind him to Levajok with Jaja and Sean in lead. I thank him a lot that he and his dogs found the way through the storm and that he brought us save to Levajok. On thet way there were a lot of teams around searching for the right way. If I looked back I saw a lot of headlamps behind me and teams coming out of nowhere. Sometimes the sight was so bad that I couldn´t see Mats who was driving only 5 meters in front of me.
In Levajok the weather tuned to be better and from there on we had beautyful sunshine. After about 5 ½ hours we went further to Karasjok and reached it in a good speed and mood. Fränk and Tchmil lead us there without any problems. There are always a lot of reporters around and asked questions. The most question was what my strategy was now and how I will try to catch up with Milos and Ole. My answer all the time, I drive my own race, and if the others are faster, so they are. I can not drive faster then the dogs are willing to go.
4 ½ hours later I went out of Karasjok with Jaja and Sean to drive the 65 km to Jergul. After 5 km Jaja was not willing anymore to lead the team. So Didi has to take over her job and Jaja became a wheeldog for the rest of the race. She has only 15 kg but as a wheeldog she rocks really the sled, unbelieveable :) The first 13 km are on the river and then it went up to the mountains. And then I stand suddenly in the dark...My headlamp went out and I had no idea why. After about two minutes I thought that Eline comes soon and then I have to drive after her that I find the way in the dark. Even if it was clear sky and awesome northern lights I was not able to see the trail. But then the headlamp was working again and I could move on with a little strange feeling in the stomach hoping the headlamp will hold into Jergul. Running behind the team uphills and the finally in the hundevidda. It was seldom so easy to drive to Jergul, clear weather and nerly no wind, maybe the first time for me :)) Eline catched up and I could see her headlamp and spoke a bit with her. So we drove in together into Jergul, btw my headlamp was working fine :)))
I was not sleeping until now and didn´t feel tired at all. But then in the car and warmness I felt into deep sleep for about 2 ½ hours. I felt refreshed and ready for the last 124 km ;)) Frederico had a bit swullen feed and I decided to set him out of the team. I would not risk to have him in the sled, even if he is a lightweight boy with only 20 kg. Making my dogs ready and off we went with Sean and Didi in lead. After about 30 km I change Sean against Fränk in lead. I had all the race some problems with Sean, she was in heat and were a bit confused sometimes. And she stops all the time to pie :( So now I get bored of her, thanked her for her great job and she moved into the second line. Now Eline gets very fast and I didn´t see her anymore. My team ran well and short before Joatka I got Eline igen :) We saw Ole all the time and decided that we try to catch him together. Out of Joatka my team was faster and I was in front, but clother to the river Elines team got faster. She trained often at that part and her dogs knew that they will be at home soon. Directly after Friluftsparken we got Ole. He had some problems with his leaddogs and so it was easy for us to pass him. Eline flies home and my team followed in good speed. So I crossed 3 minutes after Eline the finish line as number 3. The performance of the dogs was great and it was really fun to drive that team through storm and sunshine :)))
We wanna thank our sponsors:
ManMat for the best harnesses, blankets and dog equipment we can think. Especialy that we got a whole bunch of new harnesses before Finnmarkslopet :)))
Ägna AB, we had absolutely no wrist problems under the whole season because of their tablets.
Royal Canin Sverige for the best dryfood in the world, the recovery series worked great for us.
Vom og Hundemat, they delivered us the meat and snacks for the Finnmarkslopet up to Alta, many thanks for that, it saved us a lot of logistic!
Danler dogsleds who makes the best sleds in the world!

And of course I thank our beautyful dogs:
Didi, the girl who takes her job as a leaddog very serious
Sean, she was a bit confused this time because her heat. She had her mind more with the boys sometimes ;)
Jaja the smallest girl. She didn´t want to take the responsibility as a leaddog anymore but rocks the sled as a wheeldog :)
Fränk, he takes his job very serious, even if Sean running behind him in heat he didn´t care until we cross the finish line. There we had to hold him back ;)))
Tchmil the biggest dog in the team. A leaddog but he had mostly to pull the sled. Always happy and in good mood.
Pedro his first Finnmarkslopet. He surpirsed me with an outstanding performance.
Tony does his job always and in every weather. Kind of this dogs make a leaddog look good.
Frederico, I had to leave him in Jergul because of a swullen paw. I didn´t wanna risk more injuries at him or that I have to leave him alone in Joatka. For him I can say the same as for Tony, he makes the leaddog looks famous.

And last but not least Jörg :) Without him I could not even train one meter out of our yard. He prepares the trail and keep track of the training. And I really need his support at the checkpoints, he knows exactly what I need without that I have to say something.

So, now we have to think and plan about next season ;))

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Only one day left :)

Today we went out for a 10 km run with our dogs. After a few days in the trailer it´s good for them to move the legs a little bit. Here a small film and some pics from today.

The white and green line is from the sun. And I don´t complain about it, we are happy to see the sun. Now writing this posts it´s a snowstorm in front of our cabin...

And because of the snowstorm Didi was testing her new goggles, they match perfect to the black fur she will wear during the race ;)))